Abraham, Pearl
The Romance Reader (G, 296, 2)
(A girl grows up with a father who is a rabbi)

Adams, Douglas
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (SF, 216, 2)
(Humorous, bizarre science fiction)

Alexie, Sherman
Reservation Blues (MC, 306, 2)
The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian (MC, 240, 2)
(A fantastic coming of age story about the conflict of Reservation & Non- “Rez” life)

Alvarez, Julia
How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents (MC, 290, 2)
In The Time of the Butterflies (MC, 324, 2)

Asimov, Isaac
Foundation (SF, 296, 2)
(Re-establishment of Earth after destruction)

Atwood, Margaret
Alias Grace (G, 465, 3)
(Based on the actual 19thCkilling of a wealthy Canadian by his servant)
Handmaid's Tale (G, 395, 3)
(Post-war totalitarian society)
"...a must for anyone who is a woman, or a political
activist...poetic & beautiful as well as frightening.”

Baker, Nicholson
The Everlasting Story of Nory (G, 226, 2)
(Life from the point of view of a 7 year old girl)

Bambara, Toni Cade
Gorilla, My Love (MC, 177, 1)
(A coming of age story)

Barker, Pat
Regeneration (G, 250, 3)
(The first book in a trilogy about World War I)

Barreau, Nicholas
Ingredients of Love (G, 272, 2)
(Light and breezy love story)

Bradley, Alan
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie (Mys, 416, 3)
(Precocious young girl who loves mixing poisons, and the mysterious death she must solve)

Bradley, Marion Zimmer
The Forest House (SF, 417, 3)
(A prequel to Mists... when Romans ruled England)
The Mists of Avalon (SF, 876, 4)
(The Arthurian Legends from a woman's POV)

Brin, David
Startide Rising (SF, 459, 3)
(Fascinating SciFi)
The Uplift War (SF, 636, 3)
(Sequel to Startide Rising)

Bryant, Dorothy
The Kin of Ata Are Waiting For You (G, 3)
(Understanding the self through another culture)
"Interesting and gets you thinking...It's cool to read about another world."

Burns, Olive Ann
Cold Sassy Tree (G, 391, 3)
(What happens when grandpa remarries right after grandma dies?)

Busch, Frederick
Girls (G, 279, 2)
(After losing his own daughter, a man tries to find another girl who has disappeared)

Butler, Octavia
Kindred (G, 264, 3)
(a modern-day African-American woman travels through time to ante-bellum South)

Byatt, A.S.
Possession (G, 555, 4)
(20th C. researcher looks into 19th C. poet's life)
"A book for people who love books!"

Campbell, Bebe Moore
Your Blues Ain't Like Mine (MC, 433, 2)
(Fictionalized account of the Emmet Till killing, a racist killing of a black boy in the South)

Capella, Anthony
The Food of Love (G, 2)
Love amongst Italians who can cook!

Carriger, Gail
Soulless (SF, 2)
Changeless (SF, 2)
Blameless (SF, 2)
(Victorian-era setting where werewolves & vampires are part of English society)

Castillo, Ana
So Far From God (MC, 2)
(Chicana Magic Realism)

Chandler, Raymond
The Big Sleep (Mys, 231, 2)
(Classic detective story)

Childress, Mark
Crazy in Alabama (G, 383, 3)
"If you liked To Kill A Mockingbird, you'll love this! Great plot, and very funny."

Christie, Agatha
And Then There Were None (Mys, 218, 2)
The Man in the Brown Suit (Mys, 288, 2)
(Classic whodunits)

Cline, Ernest
Ready Player One (SF, 384, 3)
(Fantastic scifi thriller in a dystopian future where people are obsessed with culture from the 1980’s)

Cooley, Martha
The Archivist (G, 326, 2)
(A powerful story of history, memory and guilt)

Conroy, Frank
Body and Soul (G, 2)
(A neglected child prodigy experiences the world)

Corey, James S.A.
Leviathan Wakes (SF, 592, 4)
(Book 1 of a sweeping saga of possible alien invasion)
Caliban’s War (SF, 624, 4)
(Book 2 of Corey’s excellent space opera)

Cornwell, Bernard
The Winter King (SF, 425, 3)
(A new presentation of King Arthur)

Cowan, James
A Mapmaker's Dream (G, 151, 1)
(A revolutionary discovery and its effects)

Cronin, Justin
Mary & O’Neil (G, 2)
Interconnected stories of a family dealing with love & loss

Cross, Donna Woolfolk
Pope Joan (G, 420, 3)
(An historical novel about a pope who was possibly a woman)

Dean, Debra
The Madonnas of Leningrad (G, 228, 2)
(The seige of Leningrad during WWII as seen through the eyes of a woman working at The Hermitage Museum)

DeBernières, Louis
Corelli's Mandolin (G, 435, 3)
(Life on a Greek island during Italian & German invasions of World War II - a love story)

Divakaruni, Chitra
Mistress of Spices (MC, 338, 2)
(An Indian woman in Oakland, Ca)

Doctorow, Cory
Little Brother (G, 365, 3)
(Set in near-future San Francisco, a teen gets caught up in a terrorist attack and its aftermath)

Doctrow, E.L.
World's Fair (G, 288, 3)
(1986 National Book Award Winner)

Doyle, Roddy
The Van (G, 311, 2)
Paddy Clarke, Ha Ha Ha (G, 282, 3)
(Irish lower-class boyhood)

Dunn, Katherine
Geek Love (G, 355, 3)
(Bizarre, scary and fascinating)

Dunnet, Dorothy
The Game of Kings (G, 2)
(Wonderful historical fiction set in 16th C Scotland)

Edwards, Seldon
The Little Book (Time Travel, 4)

Egan, Jennifer
Invisible Circus (G, 338, 2)
(A young woman finds herself while searching for her sister)

Erdrich, Louise
Love Medicine (MC, 367, 3)
(Book about Native Americans)

Farnsworth, Christopher
Blood Oath (SF, 2)
The President of the US has his own personal vampire!

Faulks, Sebastian
Birdsong (G, 483, 3)
(A World War I novel )

Finney, Jack
Time & Again (SF, 398, 3)
(An interesting time travel book)

Gaiman, Neil
Neverwhere (SF, 336, 2)
(A fantastic world exists beneath our own)

Gaines, Ernest
The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pitman (MC, 246, 2)
(The fictional life of a 110 year old black woman)
A Gathering of Old Men (MC, 214, 2)
A Lesson Before Dying (MC, 256, 3)
"One of the best books I've ever read"
(Powerful tale about dignity and a condemned man)

Garcia, Cristina
Dreaming in Cuban (MC, 245, 2)

Gibbons, Kaye
Ellen Foster (G, 126, 1)
(An Oprah Book)

Gibson, William
Neuromancer (SF, 271, 2)
(The prototype cyberpunk novel)

Gilchrist, Ellen
Net of Jewels (G, 359, 3)

Gordimer, Nadine
None to Accompany Me (MC, 336, 3)
(Blacks & Whites in post-apartheid South Africa)

Grant, Mira
Feed (SF, 2)
Near-future bloggers document the zombie apocalypse

Gunther, John
Death Be Not Proud (NF, 229, 2)
(Father's memoir of son who died at 17)

Haldeman, Joe
The Forever War (SF, 218, 2)
(Vietnam war in space)
"It makes you feel small when you read about the universe, but all the futuristic things are cool."

Hamilton, Jane
A Map of the World (G, 400, 3)
(What would you do if a friend's child died while you were taking care of him/her?)
The Book of Ruth (G, 328, 2)

Hammet, Dashiel
The Thin Man (Mys, 201, 2)
(Husband/Wife detective team)

Hansen, Ron
Atticus (G, 247, 2)
(A National Book Award Finalist)

Harris, Mark
Bang The Drum Slowly (G, 243, 2)
(Baseball novel)

Harris, Robert
Enigma (G, 320, 2)
(How one of the first computers helped the Allies win WWII)

Hegi, Ursula
Stones from the River (G, 525, 4)
(A German dwarf must cope with WWII)

Hegland, Jean
Into the Forest (G, 2)
(Two sisters attempt to survive in near future world)

Helprin, Mark
A Winter's Tale (G, 673, 4)

Hulme, Keri
The Bone People (G, 445, 3)

Irving, John
A Prayer for Owen Meany (G, 617, 3)

James, P.D.
A Taste For Death (Mys, 480, 3)
(A classic mystery)

Japrisot, Sebastien
A Very Long Engagement (G, 336, 3)
(Prize winning novel about WWI)

Johnson, Charles
Middle Passage (MC, 209, 3)
(1990 National Book Award Winner)

Karon, Jan
At Home In Mitford (G, 446, 3)

Kerouac, Jack
On The Road (G, 2)
(The quintessential Beat Generation travelogue)

Kincaid, Jamaica
Annie John (MC, 148, 1)

King, Laurie
A Grave Talent (Mys, 368, 2)
(Spooky Mystery set in S.F. & the peninsula)
The Beekeeper's Apprentice (Mys, 405, 2)
(What if Sherlock Holmes became friends with a veryintelligent teenage girl & they solved mysteries?)
To Play the Fool (Mys, 320, 2)
(Great mystery set in S.F./sequel to A Grave Talent)

Kingsolver, Barbara
Animal Dreams (G, 342, 3)
"I loved it! I provoked me to read all of her stuff."
The Bean Trees (G, 232, 2)
"[Close to] the all time greatest book."
Flight Behavior (G, 448, 3)
(Interesting book about poor people in Appalachia who discover a huge butterfly migration)
The Lacuna (G, 528, 4)
(Sprawling novel about Mexico & the US in the early part of the 20th century)
Pigs in Heaven (G, 343, 2)
(Sequel to The Bean Trees)
The Poisonwood Bible (G, 576, 4)
(Expansive novel of a missionary family’s experiences in Africa’s Congo region)

Kress, Nancy
Beggars in Spain (SF, 438, 3)
(Interesting SF dealing with genetic engineering)

Krauss, Nicole
The History of Love (G, 252, 3)
(A beautiful novel of love and regret - AMAZING characters)

Larsson, Stieg
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Mys, 608, 3)
The Girl Who Played with Fire (Mys, 512, 3)

Lawrence & Lee
Inherit The Wind (G, 115, 1)
(Trial of Creation vs. Evolution Theories in a play form)
"Really good if you have a point of view."

Leffland, Ella
Rumors of Peace (G, 389, 3)
(Dealing with the homefront during WWII, like A Separate Peace)

LeGuin, Ursula K.
The Left Hand of Darkness (SF, 301, 2)
(What if gender could be changed whenever one wished?)

Levithan, David
Realm of Possibility (G, 224, 2)
(AMAZING book of various teen lives told in verse)

Lewis, C.S.
Out of the Silent Planet (SF, 160, 2)
(A man is kidnapped by aliens)

Lively, Penelope
Moon Tiger (G, 208, 2)
(1987 Booker Prize Winner)

Maberry, Jonathan
Patient Zero (SF, 2)
What if terrorists could create zombies?

Maguire, Gregory
Wicked (G, 3)
(The Wizard of Oz from the witch's point of view)

Mailer, Norman
Naked and the Dead (G, 740, 4)
(World War 2)

Mantel, Hilary
Wolf Hall (Hist, 532, 4)
(Life in Henry VIII’s court/Booker Prize Winner)

Markandaya, Kamala
Nectar In A Sieve (MC, 189, 2)
(Life of a woman in India)

Maupin, Armistead
Maybe The Moon (G, 305, 2)
(A fictional story based on the life of the woman in the ET suit)

McCarthy, Cormac
All The Pretty Horses (G, 302, 3)
(A beautifully written western)
Blood Meridian (G, 335, 3)
"Kid gets caught up in adventures...lots of violence"

McGrath, Patrick
Asylum (G, 254, 2)
(A gothic tale of love and obsession)

McMillan, Terry
Disappearing Acts (G, 371, 3)
Mama (G, 308, 2)

Millhauser, Steven
Martin Dressler (G, 293, 2)
(Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Moore, Christopher
Fool (G, 3)

Morrison, Toni
Jazz (MC, 229, 3)
Song Of Solomon (MC, 340, 3)
Sula (MC, 174, 2)
The Bluest Eye (MC, 206, 1)
(Story of a young black girl)

Mowry, Jess
Way Past Cool (MC, 2)
(13 year old kids in gangs)

Murphy, Pat
The City, Not Long After (SF, 244, 2)
(Post-Plague San Francisco - Art & War Inspire)

Neville, Katherine
The Eight (G, 598, 3)
(Intriguing thriller)

Newman, Sharan
Death Comes As Epiphany (Mys, 309, 2)
(A Medieval mystery - captures the times well)
The Devil's Door (Mys, 406, 2)
(Many Medieval Christians believed women were the root of all
evil - This sequel to Death... deals with this mistaken notion)
The Wandering Arm (Mys, 2)
(The third in the series)

Norman, Howard
The Bird Artist (G, 289, 2)
(An amazing piece of writing)

O'Brian, Patrick
Master & Commander (G, 412, 3)
(seafaring novel)

O'Brien, Tim
The Things They Carried (G, 273, 2)
(An amazing novel about Vietnam and the soldiers who fought & died)

Ondaatje, Michael
The English Patient (G, 302, 4)
(A prize winner and one of the most poetic books)

Pelevin, Victor
Omon Ra (SF, 160, 2)
(A funny and bizarre look at the Soviet space program)

Pennman, Sharon
Here Be Dragons (G, 700, 4)
(13th Centrury England & Wales)
"...a lot of suspense and it kept me hanging on the edge of my seat."

Pineda, Cecile
Face (G, 193, 2)
(Dealing w/the loss of one's face in an accident)

Proulx, E. Annie
The Shipping News (G, 337, 3)
(National Book Award winner & a beautiful novel)
Postcards (G, 308, 3)
(Gripping - PEN Faulkner Award winner)

Ransmayr, Christoph
The Dog King (G, 355, 3)
(This Eastern European writercreates an alternative Germany after World War 2)

Reichl, Ruth
Delicious (G, 400, 3)
(Fun “discover New York City through food” book)

Reynolds, Sheri
The Rapture of Canaan (G, 317, 2)

Robbins, Tom
Jitterbug Perfume (G, 342, 4)
"Difficult, but worth it. Symbolism and messages are expressed beautifully."

Roberts, Lora
Murder in a Nice Neighborhood (Mys, 187, 1)
(Interesting mystery set in Palo Alto)

Robinson, Kim Stanley
Green Mars (SF, 624, 3)
(1994 Hugo Award winner - 2nd in Series)
Red Mars (SF, 572, 3)
(1994 Nebula Award Winner - 1st in Series)

Robson, Jennifer
Somewhere in France (G, 400, 3)
(World War 1 love story)

Roy, Arundhati
The God of Small Things (G, 321, 3)
(A Booker Prize winner set in India)

Rushdie, Salman
Midnight's Children (G, 552, 4)
(1981 Booker Prize Winner)
The Moor's Last Sigh (MC, 433, 3)

Saylor, Steven
The Triumph of Caesar (G, 320, 2)
(Julius Caesar and assassination possibilities)

Scalzi, John
Redshirts (SF, 320, 2)
(If you’re a
Star Trek fan, you understand the reference; if not, you still might enjoy this funny SF romp)

Shaara, Michael
The Killer Angels (G, 374, 3)
"It kept me reading until the end. Very descriptive."

Shaffer, Mary Ann
The Guernsey Leterary and Potato Peel Pie Society (G, 290, 2)
(Wonderful story about the travails during World War 2 of the people stranded on this British island)

Shange, Ntozake
Sassafras, Cypress and Indigo (MC, 225, 2)
(Reminiscent of Like Water for Chocolate)

Shields, Carol
The Stone Diaries (G, 361, 4)
(Pulitzer & National Book Award winner - 20th C woman's life and times)

Simmons, Dan
Hyperion (SF, 482, 3)
(1990 Hugo Award winner)
Drood (G, 5)

Simonson, Helen
Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand (G, 3)
Wonderful tale of English village life and love

Sinclair, April
Coffee Will Make You Black (MC, 239, 2)
(Hilarious coming of age story)
Ain't Gonna Be the Same Fool Twice (MC, 324, 2)
(The sequel)

Sloan, Robin
Mr. Penubra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (G, 304, 3)

Smith, Betty
A Tree Grows In Brooklyn (G, 430, 2)
(Girl grows up poor in N.Y.-Beautifully written)

Smith, Martin Cruz
Rose (G, 416, 3)
(An amazing book about strong 19th Century women)

Stegner, Wallace
Crossing to Safety (G, 341, 2)
(The best contemporary writer of fiction about California & the west)

Stein, Garth
The Art of Racing in the Rain (G, 336, 2)
(The life of a dog and his owner, told through the dog’s eyes)

Stewart, Mary
Crystal Cave (G, 380, 2)
(Fantasy of Camelot from Merlin's point of view)

Stone, Irving
The Agony And The Ecstasy (G, 758, 4)
(Novel of Michelangelo)

Stott, Rebecca
Ghostwalk (G, 322, 3)
(After an historian’s death, another woman attempts to finish her friend’s research)

Strout, Elizabeth
Olive Kitteridge (G, 2)
Interconnected stories centered on a town in the Northeast that discuss love & loss.

Stuart, Julia
The Tower, The Zoo, and The Tortoise (G, 3)
(A Beefeater & his wife deal with the loss of their son)

Suskind, Patrick
Perfume (G, 310, 3)
(This book freaked me out when I read it)

Swift, Graham
Last Orders (G, 295, 2)
(Winner of the Booker Prize - 4 men reflect on their lives when a friend dies)

Tepper, Sheri
Family Tree (SF, 492, 3)
(Feminist Science Fiction - fantastic stuff!)

Tey, Josephine
Daughter of Time (Mys, 206, 2)
(Mystery that ties in with English History)

Toole, J. K.
A Confederacy of Dunces (G, 405, 3)
"One of the most hilarious books I have ever read."

Townsend, Sue
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4 (G, 185, 2)
(A British Catcher in the Rye, but funnier)

Shibumi (G, 440, 3)
(The life o f an assassin)

Tsukiyama, Gail
The Samurai's Garden (MC, 211, 2)
(A Japanese man's self discovery)

Tyler, Anne
Breathing Lessons (G, 338, 2)
(1989 Pulitzer Prize Winner)

Unsworth, Barry
Sacred Hunger (G, 630, 4)
(18th Century slave ship)
Morality Play (G, 206, 2)
(Fascinating look at actors & murder in the Middle Ages)

Updike, John
Rabbit Run (G, 280, 2)

Vidal, Gore
Burr (G, 564, 3)
(Novel of historical figure)
"Great book that wonderfully makes history a reality and more
interesting. Find the ties to Julius Caesar!"

Vonnegut, Kurt
Cat's Cradle (G, 191, 2)
(End of the world)
Breakfast Of Champions (G, 295, 2)
(Contemporary humorous novel)

Walker, Martin
Bruno, Chief of Police (Mys, 2)
The Dark Vineyard (Mys, 2)
(Mysteries set in a small village in contemporary France)

Walker, Mary Willis
The Red Scream (Mys, 2)
(Great writer - Winner of the Edgar)
Under The Beetle's Cellar (Mys, 339, 2)
(One of the best mystery/crime novels I have ever read)

Walter, Jess
The Beautiful Ruins (G, 368, 3)
(A mystery woman and a love story set both in the present day and 1950’s Italy)

Watson, Larry
Montana, 1948 (G, 175, 2)
(A wonderful, short, historical book)

Wells, Dan
I Am Not A Serial Killer (Mys/SF 2)
Boy with sociopathic tendencies solves murders.

Wells, Rebecca
Little Altars Everywhere (G, 224, 2)

West, Dorothy
The Wedding (MC, 240, 2)
(North Eastern African Americans in the 1950's)

West, Michael Lee
She Flew The Coop (G, 390, 3)
(Another Southern novel like Crazy in Alabama)

Westerfeld, Scott
Uglies (SF, 2)

Willis, Connie
The Doomsday Book (SF, 578, 3)
(Hugo and Nebula Award Winner)

Zafon, Carlos Ruiz
The Angel’s Game (4)