Multimedia Journalism
Mr. Garrett

Texts: San Jose Mercury News
New York Times
San Francisco Chronicle
El Gato

Local & National Broadcast News including:
Local Affiliates/KCAT

General Course Description:
Multimedia Journalism introduces students to a myriad of concepts in journalism technique and technology, exposing them to new technologies and providing, through project-based work, an environment for exploration and expression in writing, recording, editing and publishing. Students will study current newspaper writing techniques, learn the basics of layout and publishing, publish to the web, record and podcast interviews and commentary, and learn video production through KCAT as well.

Attendance, Preparedness & Respect

1) Students must be in class and seated when the bell rings. Tardiness shall be regarded as a serious offense; everyone suffers when even one student is tardy. This is very important given our project work and our 4th period start time!

2) Class Participation Grades (15% of the semester grade) will be lowered for every tardy and unexcused absence. Involvement in discussion is an important part of class, therefore notetaking and verbal input are mandatory.

3) As an environment for learning, This classroom must be considered a safe place for all. Therefore, respect of one’s peers and their ideas must come before any learning is truly possible. Insults and injurious comments are not acceptable.

Due Dates

1) Major written projects must be typed in 12 point font and double spaced; ALL projects are due on the completion date given. A project is late if it is not handed in or ready to be shown when called for and will be reduced one full grade at that time and for each day late. Save your work often and make sure your printer is fully functional before deadlines loom. There are plenty of computers available on campus (and in the Journalism Lab next door) if necessary. As a LAST RESORT, send written assignments to me - - as an attachment to an email and we will print it out here. Video/audio projects should be saved on a memory stick or other such device. BACK UP OFTEN!

2) Each week an Assignment Sheet will be posted to my website ( detailing what will be occurring in class and what is assigned for homework. Homework (when assigned) is due at the next class meeting at the beginning of the period unless otherwise specified. Half credit can be received on a homework assignment only if the student comes into Tutorial on the day after the homework is due and makes up the assignment. Remember - Tutorial is a scheduled part of the school day.

3) If you are on campus for any part of the day, but miss class due to a doctor's appointment, a school function, or some other excused absence, your homework and/or projects must be turned in to me or my box next to the Faculty Workroom for credit before you leave campus or attend the function.

4) An unexcused absence coupled with a missed assignment equals 0 credit in the gradebook.

Make-up Policy

1) It is the responsibility of the student to obtain make-up assignments during Tutorial or before school upon returning to school after an excused absence. Make-up work must be completed in one or two days. Assignments given prior to a student’s absence and due during that absence are due immediately upon a student’s return unless the absence was pre-planned, in which case the student must turn in the assignment before he/she is absent.


1) Grades are determined as a percentage of the total points accumulated.
100% = A+
93% - 99% = A
90% - 92% = A-
87% - 89% = B+
83% - 86% = B
80% - 82% = B-
77% - 79% = C+
73% - 76% = C
70% - 72% = C-
67% - 69% = D+
63% - 66% = D
60% - 62% = D-

  • The Cell Phone ADDENDUM
    Given the ubiquitous presence of cell phones in our society and in your pockets, it seems I must state what should be obvious:  NO CELL PHONE should be out of one’s pocket, or heard, or used during class unless specific permission has been granted by me to use it, or in the case of a true emergency.  Students caught using their cell phone will be asked/instructed to put it away for the first offense.  Afterward, it will be confiscated for the rest of the period/day as deemed appropriate.  Parents will be contacted and may be required to meet for a conference or to retrieve the cell phone if necessary.

You are always welcome to contact me about an assignment or concern. Stopping by at Tutorial is the best alternative, but you may also leave me a message on the school’s voice mail at 285 or e-mail me at OR Information about the class and major assignments can always be found at my web site at